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About Us

We bring to bear a sophisticated set of business and marketing skills to help the founders we invest in succeed.

We provide a lot more than just money. Our investments are part of a genuine partnership between the company and us.

VCAPITO is a well known Venture Capital firm and is widely regarded as a reliable and trusted source of finance in the absence of traditional funding. We source dynamic businesses globally and our portfolio is becoming increasingly diverse from a geographical perspective. We manage various innovative structures built to suit differing investor requirements and provide flexible capital solutions.

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Our Approach

Target companies where we have the ability to improve performance.

As long-term investors, our goal is to work with leading entrepreneurs and management teams to make the world a better place. We are always looking for new dynamic business opportunities through which we can create value for our investors and portfolio companies.


Instead of targeting specific markets and technology sectors, we look for a strong core value proposition....

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While we welcome startups at any stage, we like to connect and invest early with founders and entrepreneurs....

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We require open and consistent communication with our companies. Through regular and direct communication.....

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Our investments are part of a genuine partnership between the company and us. We often make follow-on investments.....

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We invest in companies that excite us.. Know more about our investment criteria

The Industries That We Serve

We invest in companies that are making a positive influence in the community and solving a problem. Due to the diverse resources and expertise at our disposal, we will look at opportunities in a broad array of industries.

Oil & Refinery


Information Technology


Real Estate

Banking &

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Trusted Clients

We invests in a broad range of venture-backed companies, experience real results with working with us.

Is your business ready to excel?

We want to hear about your team, company and technology. We invest in promising companies and fast-track them to scale and fundraising.

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