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We create value for our investors and portfolio companies.

From advice on strategy, to making investor and client intros. We become a part of the team.

We are committed to finding great companies for the future and bring long-term value to societies. Our focus is on investing in and building companies that will become high-value, market-moving, category-defining businesses. We meet many companies and founders each year. At the same time, we also attach great importance to in-depth and detailed due diligence. We partner with founders when we believe their company, if successful, can return our entire fund and then some. We recognise that the best financial results come from the strongest connections, so we place a very high value on creating strong and lasting relationships.

We try to interfere as little as possible in the startups we fund. We offer lots of advice, but we can't force anyone to take it. We realize that independence is one of the reasons people want to start startups in the first place. we provide a lot more than just money. We bring to bear a sophisticated set of business and marketing skills to help the founders we invest in succeed.

Our investments are part of a genuine partnership between the company and us. Due to the diverse resources and expertise at our disposal, we will look at opportunities in a broad array of industries. We often make follow-on investments and continue to support our companies through their life cycle.

The Industries That We Serve

We invest where we can achieve the biggest development impact. We prioritise sectors with the greatest potential for impact, whether through their ability to grow and create jobs, to address a lack of enabling infrastructure, to increase efficiency, or to increase opportunities for the poorer parts of society.

Due to the diverse resources and expertise at our disposal, we will look at opportunities in a broad array of industries. Some of the sectors where we invest are:

Oil & Refinery


Information Technology


Real Estate

Banking &

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