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We bring to bear a sophisticated set of business and marketing skills to help the founders we invest in succeed.

We provide a lot more than just money. Our investments are part of a genuine partnership between the company and us.

VCAPITO is a well known Venture Capital firm and is widely regarded as a reliable and trusted source of finance in the absence of traditional funding. We source dynamic businesses globally and our portfolio is becoming increasingly diverse from a geographical perspective. We manage various innovative structures built to suit differing investor requirements and provide flexible capital solutions.

We want to leverage our years of operating business experience across multiple industries and geographies to help startups grow quickly and sustainably. We are always looking for new dynamic business opportunities through which we can create value for our investors and portfolio companies. From advice on strategy, to making investor and client intros. We become a part of the team.

Where We Invest

VCAPITO invests from early stage companies looking for seed funding to late stage opportunities.

Seed Funding

Seed capital is the initial capital used while starting the business. We believe investing at the earliest stage is the greatest asset we can bring to your company.

Venture Capital

Venture capital is usually provided to startups showing long-term growth potential or those with a good track record. Venture capital is a great option for startups that are looking to scale big and quickly.

Brown & Greenfield Projects

Greenfield and Brownfield investments are two different types of foreign direct investment. Both involve companies and production facilities in different countries.

Is your business ready to excel?

We want to hear about your team, company and technology. We invest in promising companies and fast-track them to scale and fundraising.

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